Question about some LDAP features


I’m trying seafile free version, the use case is to provide a ressource permanently (ex : an app installer) and a temporary ressource (ex: licence file) to multiple users by links sent by email.
Multiple users could dl installer with a same temporary link or by connecting to seafile web srv.
Each user get a uniq one use link to dl the license.

  • Fact
    With free version : Import a user in the seafile user base requires a first connection to seafile srv.
    Seafile Pro is able to sync LDAP groups.
  • Wish
    Be able to share a ressource with users which are not in the seafile user db but in ldap (add the user in a seafile share group).
  • Question
    With free version : Is there a way to import ldap users in seafile db with free version without requesting a first connection from the user ?
    With pro version : Does sync LDAP group feature automatically import LDAP users in seafile user db ?

  • Fact
    Ressources links are not one use only
    Links are created one by one, with email.
  • Wish
    Permit LDAP users to download a ressource only one time.
    Automatically create multiple links and send them by email.
  • Question
    With free or pro version ? : Is there a way to create ‘one use’ links for a group of users (one link by user).