Question regarding sharing

Hi, I have a Seafile CE server 6.3.4. User A shares a library (read - write) to user B and a folder within this library to user C (read - write). The synchronisation between A and B works correctly. User C uploads a file in the shared folder using the web interface. Now this file is visible to user A, but not to user B.

@Seafile developers - is this the correct behaviour or a bug?

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This have be a bug. Can you @daniel.pan please have a look at it?

This problem can’t happen since every user will see the latest state of the library. Please check again.

Just did. Unfortunately the zip file uploaded by user C in my sample is still not available to user B, but only to user A. Please see the screenshots

Can you please mark the differences?

I don’t think these are actually the same libraries.
For both users, they show up under “My Libraries” with different names…

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Hm indeed, did not notice :slight_smile: Sorry for the noise …