Ran out of disk space. Possible corruption and need to clean up

Hi guys,

Our server recently ran out of disk space which caused MySQL to crash while someone was uploading to a library. It caused a major outage for us and I have two questions really:

  • Is it possible to delete any Seafile data while Seafile is switched off? I was having issues due to the disk only being 95% full but showing as completely full. In the end I had to clear about 5GB from other places before I started seeing available space (and could restart mysql again)

  • Once we got Seafile back up, there were issues with a library. People’s accounts are showing amounts (64GB, 20GB etc) but in the actual group they were uploading to it’s like nothing existed. I’ve ran the seaf-fsck and it doesn’t seem to have fixed this issue.

– Is it orphaned now? If I run the gc will it delete everything? (That’s okay, I’m more concerned about getting space back at this point)

Also, how do I translate block names to libraries?

For example I have a block that’s 20GB, I need to know where it is.


From the path of a block, you will get the library id. The blocks are put under the folder of corresponding libraries.