Raspberry pi v3 unresponsive with 6.1.1 and video thumbnail enabled

I upgraded my Raspberry pi v3 server from 6.0.9 to 6.1.1.
I installed ffmpeg and moviepy as indicated in the instructions.
I enabled the video thumbnail generation and after a while the raspberry became unresponsive. I managed to connect through ssh (waiting several minutes) and stopped seafile and seahub.
Is the video thumbnail generation too heavy for the pi, or is there some tweak that can be done? I was thinking that video thumbnail generation could run in the background as a low priority process, storing thumbnails in the cache, but this is not whats happening.
Is there something I can do to debug the issue and give info to the developers?
Thank you,
EDIT: I saw that the problem of the ffmpeg process eating all RAM and slowing down the Raspberry has already been reported, and motivated the introduction of the option to disable video thumbnail generation. I ended up disabling it.

Maybe you already solved this problem without disabling it?

I had similar problems. I couldn’t connect per ssh oder even the seafile library’s wasn’t reachable anymore. But i think this problem was because i did the update wrong. I installed everything new even the sd/os. Did you ever tried again to get this done? I had my thumbnail path on external drive. Did you had your on a SD Card?