Raspberry Pi Zero Cloud Storage


Will the server software for the Raspberry Pi work with a Pi Zero W?

I’m looking to make my own personal cloud storage

Think it’ll. Wouldn’t do that though. First there is no LAN available and Wifi will be slow. Secondly USB will be slow as well.

If you care about your files I recommend something more solid. My recommendation would be 2 disks using a zfs mirror, a few gb ram and a power saving CPU.

Well… Worked pretty well for me using an Orange Pi Zero with 512Mb Ram and a RAID external USB Case.
To my personal cloud storage, it’s good enough.


You should consider to invest slightly more. Take a look at the ODROID-XU4Q. It ships with a LAN interface and two USB 3.0 ports. Data transfer with a Pi Zero will be a real pain.