Rclone Chunker Integration

I have struggled transferring large files to/from seafile, especially when they are coming from slow networks. I fill up tmp directories, have timeouts either from seafile or the reverse proxy in front of it. I’ve spent hours increasing or disabling timeouts, and tweaking all kinds of settings.

Chunked uploading seems to solve a lot of these issues. In fact, I’ve been testing performance with the rclone chunker layer over my seafile layer in rclone. It seems that it is considerably more robust at transferring large files since it is just a sequence of smaller chunks.

The feature request would be a command to have the server assemble the rclone chunks server-side after upload is complete. This would allow web clients to view and interact with the entire file rather than looking at chunks.

From what I understand, simply concatenating the chunks is all it takes to recreate the original file. So I think conceptually the feature is simple although I recognize that conceptually simple ideas can be difficult to implement sometimes.

Let me know what you think. Maybe this is the wrong way to achieve the desired outcome or maybe this is already implemented somewhere I have not looked.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

  • Asher