ReadOnly Seafile server

Hi all,

I set up a real time backup server based on the manual. I would be grateful if I could make a read-only in case if the primary server is not available (users can browse thier files on instead

The DB replication works, and the SeaFile Master-Slave backup too. I installed the backup server like a primary (Seahub, etc…). The two servers are on separated physical machines more than 100km apart.
Everything works fine until a user make/update something on the backup server: when the primary works again the DB and SeaFile replication brokes. I think it could work very well without Admin’s interaction if users could not make changes.
P.S.: The log DBs excluded from replication.



My Seafile server has been up and running for a while but I’ve been away from the developments. Does Seafile now support a backup server (replicating data) ?

Hy DoubleD,

here is an article for real-time backup:

Regards Norbert