Recover files from seadrive cache?

So, I have a Windows 7, running seadrive 0.8.5. Somehow, the database of seadrive was corrupted, so all files in one folder were not synced with seafile server. After I upgraded to seadrive 0.9.5, the sync was still not working.

So, I unshare that folder from the server, then share again. Now, the sync is working, but seadrive on the computer only shows files from the server, not the files which haven’t been uploaded to the server yet.

I checked in C:/Users/username/seadrive/, there are still many things there, with the size is around 4GB. I wonder if there is any way to recover data from that cache folder?


I faced this issue a icloud while back but didnt check the folder sizes or its contents but what i did was install the old version restore the data and then updated again gimp and it was completely intact.

You should still be able to find the file under data/file-cache/<repo_id>