Regain administration rights of an orphaned group

We have a situation with our Seafile Pro server where the only administrator of a larger group with several libraries quit the company, his account was deleted from AD and now nobody is able to manage this group. As a super admin, I only have the possibility to delete the group, not to add new admins or otherwise to take back control of the group. This is rather inconvenient. Do you have any recommendations on how to gain back control over such a group?

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The latest version 6.0.8 enables admin to change group admins, add/delete group member in admin panel.

Hi Daniel, Thanks for your quick reply. We are still using 5.0.5. We have a 6.x server installed and in test use, but we don’t want to migrate the data before we have our new storage server available. Is there any tweak how this could be achieved in the 5.0 server?

You can modify the group table in ccnet-db directly.

Thanks for the tip! I managed to edit the db succesfully and the problem is now solved.