Relative links in markdown

Hi, I’ve only just got seafile running (Docker on mac) so apologies if this is obvious. I’m trying to use relative links in markdown. I want to share some notes with a markdown overview explaining what the other files are in the folder with links to them.

From what I’ve seen relative links should work but something like [File](file.pdf) fails both in the web interface when I’m logged in (“Sorry, but the requested page could not be found”) and if I share the folder by link (again page not found). Using the file link generated by the markdown editor works if I’m logged in but asks a user to log in if they click on it, which defeats the share by link option.

The following [File](?p=/file.pdf) works when using a share by a link, but not when I’m logged in and using the web interface. I’ve not found any documentation for the parameter p, instead I took a guess based on the url displayed when you hover over a link. Is there documentation somewhere for the parameters? Is it possible to just have [File](file.pdf) or [File](./file.pdf) with some setting somewhere? The reason this forms is preferable is that the links will also work when viewed in a markdown editor when working with the files on a shared drive.

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I was wondering if we could implement Interwiki.

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Relative Links (for example for images) in Seafile online Editor would be highly appreciated feature!
Locally with Typora, MacDown etc. and even with 1Writer on iPhone it works perfectly, why should the online editor not have the same capabilities?