Release of source code are republished with the same version number


source code of seafile 7.0.8 has been (re)released twice (

This is really annoying (as a packager for a linux distribution), because an immutable/numbered tarball release of source is essential to packaging it: well known version, immutable source code version.
It also breaks the fingerprint of the source code, that is really frustating since fingerprint is the 1st basic security measure when packaging software.

This already happened in the past (see [1])

Could the project consider to not re-release source code that has been already released ?
In this particular case: release 7.0.8, then for instance.

Thanks and please keep going on this nice software !

[1] Libsearpc: need a numbered release with python3 support


Hopefully, this was a one time thing: Windows Defender SmartScreen

It also happened in the past.


Yup, there is an Arch Linux Package and quite often the checksums are incorrect due to the ‘same’ seafile version being re-released.