Remove ability to delete groups from user pages

I can’t believe I’m here having to say this. I’ve been using Seafile for some time now and it’s been working well.

Today I was disabling a user on the system, so reset their password. Then I went to “Groups” in their user profile and clicked “Delete” next to the group they were part of, which anyone would reasonably think would delete them from the group. THIS DELETED THE ENTIRE GROUP, WHICH STILL HAD NUMEROUS MEMBERS AND LIBRARIES.

I’ve been rebuilding the group for the last hour. Can anyone explain WHY the ability to delete an entire group would be on user profile pages, even for admins? Please explain WHY YOU WOULDN’T think that would remove the user from the group and not delete the entire group?

PLEASE REMOVE THIS from the user profile pages, or change the ability on that page to REMOVE THE USER FROM THE GROUP, NOT DELETE THE ENTIRE GROUP. So frustrating!

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We will check the problem.