Renamed Seadrive Folder, files not accesible

I find myself unable to solve the following problem: I am using Seadrive as a cloud service which is linked to the windows folder system on my laptop (Windows 11). Yesterday, I renamed some folders and moved others around in these Seadrive folders. Today, I noticed that some of the files in these folders are not accesible anymore. I get the “0x80070185” error code.
Afterwards, I checked in my Seafile account on my browser and noticed that the files are not on there. However I can still “see” them via my windows folders, they do have a wrong saving path though. I am guessing something went wrong during synchronization yesterday. But, as you might be able to tell from my writing about the problem, I have no real skill with this and cannot solve the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated, the files are really important to me and I am afraid of not being able to restore them…Thank you very much in advance!

Hi I have the same problem have you been able to resolve this? Any pointers would be appreciated.

The old placeholders may be left over under the old path when you had some syncing issues. The exact cause can only be determined by checking the logs. If you can find all the files in the new path, you can safely remove the old placeholders.