Request Timouts

I’m currently running seafile-server-5.0.4 on Linux 16.04 but the challenges am experiencing are really freaking me.

  1. Clients are complaining of Timeouts
  2. My Log files are all full of Error Messages
    seafile.log highlights “Database is Locked” messages.

[10/16/16 22:23:19] http-server.c(733): DB error when check repo existence.
[10/16/16 22:23:20] …/common/seaf-db.c(584): Error get next result from prep stmt: sqlite3_step failed: database is locked.
[10/16/16 22:23:20] http-server.c(733): DB error when check repo existence.
22:23:36] …/common/seaf-db.c(804): Start transaction failed: begin
transaction failed: cannot start a transaction within a transaction.

Can anybody help me on this!

Are you running seafile server 6.0.4 (instead of 5.0.4, I assume it’s a typo)? How many concurrent clients syncing with the server?

Hi Jonathan,
Thanks for replying me.
I’m running seafile server 6.0.4 with 30 daily active users and 10 on/off users. It’s deployed with sqlite without Apache/nginx


I’ve found a very possible cause of this problem. Would you like to try a test package?

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[I am having the same problems. Would you mind to share the test package?]

Nevermind, I try the latest version first.

Kind regards, Dorian