Resize image preview for web interface

Using the browser (PC) to open an image, it is always shown in full resolution.
To save bandwith, it would be great to have some parameter to set a maximum resolution (e.g. 1000pixel). To get the image in full size the user can download it.
I think this feature was available in the past as parameter “PREVIEW_DEFAULT_SIZE = 1000” but later it dissapeared.


I was using
FILE_PREVIEW_MAX_SIZE = 30 * 1024 * 1024
but as you mentioned, it has no effect anymore.
what has happend to this feature?

If only I knew what happened to this feature…
I think I read a post from the developers that this feature “moved” somewhere.

Being able to share pictures easily is one of the main reasons for having Seafile running.
The loss of the ability to quickly go through them in the browser is very sad.

Hmmm. No statement from the developers? I also would like to see this feature. Thanks for your awsome work!

We will consider to add this feature.