Restore a single library from backup question

I’ve spent some time looking for this and can’t quite find what I’m looking for…

So lets say I have good copies of library data sync up off site.

User’s files in library become corrupt, maybe a virus. so their desktop copy, and the one on their seafile is also corrupt after the client does a sync.

No worries I have backups. BUT I don’t really want to rollback everything for a single user.

Question: how would you go about restore a single user library? based on the naming scheme I can’t make out anything to start lol.

If this is documented somewhere please point me in that direction. I’ve only been able to find information on a full rollback. For that I’m just going to use Veeam. I just want info one restoring single libraries from backup.


Have you tried to restore the library to a historical version?

Nope hadn’t thought about this and quite honestly wasn’t even aware of this feature lol.
I knew I was recover a deleted item, I didn’t know snapshots were happening between file changes.

this is a lot better than the manual process I had in mind. thank you for the info.