Restore from an old version 4.1.2

my server’s hdd with seafile 4.1.2 crashed. Now I want to restore my backup.

I have backed up the following files:

  • mysqldump from ccnet-db, seafile-db and seahub-db
  • folders seafile-data and seahub-data
  • folder /opt/seafile (Seafile program folder incl seafile-server_4.1.2_x86-64.tar.gz)

Is there something missing for the retore?

The server manual is updated to the latest version 6.x of Seafile.

Is the restore process still the same?
Is the old manual available so I first can install the old version 4.1.2 and the upgrade to the latest version?


You have everything for restore. And you can try to unpack 6.2 and use upgrade script from there, step by step. In my case I would try run seafile and seahub server on every update if there’s no error.

You can restore the backup and install the latest version. Make sure to run all upgrade scripts being required to upgrade from 4.1.2 to 6.x. They’ll update the database to work with the most recent version,

Restore was successful, just as the upgrade to the latest version 6.2.3.

Unfortunately now I have a problem with changing the tcp port where seafile nginx website should listen to. For this issue I opened a new thread.