Restore lost data

Hi all,
I made a bit of a blunder on my seafile installation and lost my database. Anyway I had an old backup from febuary and was able to restore the state from feburary. I tried recoverying the data that has been written since feburary with fschk however it wont doesnt seem to exist.
My question now: is there any way to restore the (physically existing) data since febuary?

You should be able to export the files from the libraries even without the database. See here: Seafile FSCK - Seafile Admin Manual

This procedure doesn’t rely on the seafile database. As long as you have your seafile-data directory, you can always export your files from Seafile to external file system.

And then after that you can reimport the missing data to seafile.

Thanks, I retried this and it appears that this approach works, when having no database in place.
What would the approach be to restore the data of multiple users without knowing their credentials?

With this method, you can restore libraries. Since all data, regardless of the user is stored in a library, this should work just fine.