Restore repo only existing on disk

I have a situation where I have the files from a seafile server as in seafile-data with its storage directory. I would like to be able to access that data but alas I do not have access to the database for it. I do not understand how to tell seaf-fsck to access these libraries (repos). I only manage to use it for existing repos.

Putting it another way, does anyone know how to go about importing a repo without its db to another server?

Best regards
/Johan Rylander

In the end I just restored files into new server from a synced copy. I think the question still is a valid one though. How to import a repo without having the corresponding db.

Hi, I assume you are looking for a way to export the Seafile data back to original files.

The Seafile manual discusses about this, check:, section “Exporting Libraries to File System”.

Once you get original files, you could upload them to new server.

I do not have a running server with the files and trying fsck when just having the old files present in seafile-data directory does not list those old repos. Only the ones existing on new server.