Restore server from backup without files

Hi everyone!
I use Seafile in our company. One of goal of using SF is a kind of backup user files. Many users have mobile devices and using SF this way is conveniently.
There are lots of data (>5tb in SF storage), and lots of users. Unfortunately there is no another storage to backup whole SF server. And even if i did have storage spaсe, it would be backup of backup.
Does it exist the way to reach scenario like this:
Users have configured clients , many libraries -> server is broke for some reasons -> i setup new server and restore database with config of server, client list and another, but without Storage Dir -> clients synced data to SF server again when connect to server.
I try to do this straight , but SF says error like “library does not exist” when i try to resync library. May be i can somehow init empty library, so clients fill it when connect?