Restoring deleted groups


On pro 7.1.4.

I deleted some groups by mistake.

I was on a user’s profile and deleted thé groups from it’s groupes view, thinking i was just removing him from the groups :roll_eyes:

I suppose that the only way is to check the data base dump and recreate groups, memberships and sharings, but it is quite complicated.

Do you remember the tables names ?
I will try a diff between the dumps.

It would be great to have a trash for groups as for librairies…




I restored the groups manually from information based on database backup

Relevant tables are :

seahub_db / admin_log_adminlog
seafile_db / RepoGroup
seafile_ccnet_db / GroupUser



Thanks so much for the tip! I’ve confirmed that you only need to restore the two tables worth of data to get it working again.

seafile_db / RepoGroup
seafile_ccnet_db / GroupUser