Restricting User access


yesterday I setup seafile on an ARM server and works pretty fine so far (installation was not so straight forward though!). I have a couple of questions that a quick search failed to answer.

While writing the line below I decided to check if the feature is already there and lo and behold upload link! Is it possible with the same link to give upload and view rights? Or would I have to provide a share & upload link?

Is it possible to share a folder to someone and he/she can upload to it?

Alternative scenario:

  • A user (we shall refer to it as bob) that can login and only upload files which are visible from my main account. What I am aiming for is an account I can share with multiple friends who can dump their photos in.

A partial solution I found for that is sharing the home library of that user in a Group, so my main account can access it.

  1. I would like for bob to be unable to create any new Libraries
  2. Not be able to view or delete other files in his home Library
    • Are the above possible using roles?


You could use upload links for that.

Synchronization with directories that a user is not allowed to read can create problems (well, it won’t work at all) with the standard sync, it will definitely not be possible sync libraries that way.

yea upload links are certainly a solution, but is it possible to give view rights along with the upload link? aka a share+upload link.