Roadmap for support of Ubuntu 22.04

Just upgraded from seafile 9.0.5 to 9.0.10 and realized that I still need to manually install CFFI into the thirdparty folder of seahub to make it work.
Are you guys working on a fix to avoid that and to support Ubuntu 22.04 per default soon?
It’s been a while, since August Ubuntu has been released so that my second server still running Ubuntu 20.04.5 recommends the upgrade on every login :slight_smile:
Would be great, thanks a lot.

“Support Ubuntu 22.04 LTS” and “Support Debian 11” are still on the roadmap for 9.0.x :thinking:
Roadmap - Seafile

yes, i know but I think it is overdue. Ubuntu 22.04 was released 8 months ago and the problem is with a single python library, as far as I understand.
Difficult to fix?
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I am also keen to know when this will be officially supported. Ubuntu 22.04 has been official released since April this year.