Rpi (Raspberry Pi) install problem

I’ve got seafile 9.0.2 binary release for Buster and installed it on Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB RAM
The only unusual thing in setup is that I’ve changed “seafile-data” directory to symlink to specially assigned SSD drive (mounted somewhere on /media/pi/…), copying all the files from the old place to new.
So after running seafile + seahub I see the following:

  1. Seahub starts OK on port 8000, I can create library, download, upload, so far so good.
  2. Local RPi client works with seafile nicely (Raspbian has its own seafile client)
  3. seafile interface at port 8082 does not work - connecting at http localhost:8082 shows error #404. netstat shows that seaf-server listens to wget localhost:8082 also shows error #404.
  4. WebDAV works on port 8083, I can download files, just typing in chrome localhost:8083, but do not see any interface for uploading files.

The most intriguing is point (3). What may be wrong with my configuration?