RPI3 Store files on external USB hard drive


Quick question before giving Seafile a try I would like to make sure that I can store my files on USB drive on my raspberry pi server ? is it easy to do ?

thank you

Yes, but Seafile stores files in blocks. So the data on the disk alone is no good without Seafile.

fair enough. I’ll dig a bit in the docs to find out how
by blocks you mean encrypted ? I understand E2EE is by default on Seafile ?

No ,You have to enable it for every libary.

in layman terms
Literal blocks, the same way a book is split into pages that then can be indexed more easily (page X, content A), storing data this way allows files with the same or similar content to point at the same blocks without needing to store the same data twice, and it has some network advantages too.

You can learn more about the algorithm here:

If you really need encryption I recommend to encrypt the entire disk of the server.
Alternatively you can encrypt files within specific libraries without using Seafiles build in encryption feature.

What I would like is true E2EE client side.
Encrypting the server disk still stores keys on the server so it is analogue to server side encryption.