Run seafile as a service

I am volunteering for political party and would like an easy but effective way to backup some files an a windows server.
Because this group off people allready using seafile (i host it for them) it would be nice if seafile could do the trick so they have 1 interface to all their files.

It would be nice if i could run a seafile instance -as a service- on this windows server for them (instead of setting up rsync alike solutions).

Has anybody any idea how i could do this allready now by tricking windows (2012r2) into running my seafile app?

Kind Regards

I don’t understand the request. Seafile server on Windows already runs as a service. On the desktop client you just check “run on Windows start”.

Can you clarify the request?

i would like -seafile client- to run as a service an a windows 2012r2 so it can sync certain files to a group of users.

knd rgrds

I solved it by setting up a terminal server for those users.

Just in case You want to give it a try:

Tnx for your reply, but seafile client works fine for each user on the TerminalServer.
But i am going to give it a go for the the seadrive client, because this crashes in TS.

Kind Regards