Russian translation seafile

Where are the language files? I want to end dvizhek translated into Russian. Ready to share the files will be transferred to the end.

Seafile translated into Russian of 100%. I am a translator into Russian of all seafile projects lately. Look at

I’m sorry, but the engine is transferred to 60%, some of the pages have not been translated. Attached is a photo. Red circled column English, black - Russian.

Install the latest version Seafile 6.0.3. In this version translated of 100% and it is more working stability. I’m using version 6.0.3

I should test version 6, how do I upgrade to the latest stable version?

Judging by the screenshots, you use Seafile 6.x. You must download Seafile 6.0.3: https: // and perform: /seafile-server-6.0.3/upgrade/

For Seahub version 9.0.2, the translation into Russian is not fully completed. When creating a public link to a file or folder with a time limit, the dialog box is displayed with hieroglyphs.

In English, this dialog is displayed correctly.

However, the Seahub translation site (seahub localization) reflects that the translation into Russian has been completed in full. How can I translate the link expiration time selection dialog into Russian?