"Save as/to" download option in Seafile Android app?


when I browse a library via Seafile Android app (F-Droid version 2.2.8 in my case on LineageOS 14) I have the problem that I can not select the directory downloading a file.

Opening the file options of a certain file I get the list:


“Download” downloads the file in my case to /storage/emulated/0/Seafile/<acount>/<library>/folder/ so I have to open a file manager to move it to another location for example if I want a media file in a certain media folder.

“Export” lists in my case:

*K-9 Mail

but not “Ghost Commander” for example. I remember that the export option on other apps allows to export to a file manager to have a “save as/to” option.

Is it possible to add a “save as/to” option to Seafile Android or is it just me missing the feature?

Share option is it.

Then I get:

  • “Share link”
  • “Share link with password”

then I can share the link to Apps suggested by a list. I won’t save the file to a certain destination.

There should be your file manager.

Yes, there should… :confused:

Try Total Commander, with this App it’s working

Or Amaze

Total Commander is one of the (very few) proprietary apps I really miss since I forced myself to use FLOSS only.

Thx, will try hat.

Forgot to answer: “Amaze” is indeed listed as option after choosing “Export” for a file, thx! Anyway: Not very user friendly to need a special app for a “save as” feature, that’s why I created: “Save as” as file download option

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So far the answer is still no. When using apps like Word, it does have OneDrive as an option to Save As. But SeaFile doesn’t get listed like OneDrive such that the user can save as a document directly to SeaFile. Would be great to have the option…