"Save as/to" download option in Seafile Android app?




when I browse a library via Seafile Android app (F-Droid version 2.2.8 in my case on LineageOS 14) I have the problem that I can not select the directory downloading a file.

Opening the file options of a certain file I get the list:


“Download” downloads the file in my case to /storage/emulated/0/Seafile/<acount>/<library>/folder/ so I have to open a file manager to move it to another location for example if I want a media file in a certain media folder.

“Export” lists in my case:

*K-9 Mail

but not “Ghost Commander” for example. I remember that the export option on other apps allows to export to a file manager to have a “save as/to” option.

Is it possible to add a “save as/to” option to Seafile Android or is it just me missing the feature?


Share option is it.


Then I get:

  • “Share link”
  • “Share link with password”

then I can share the link to Apps suggested by a list. I won’t save the file to a certain destination.


There should be your file manager.


Yes, there should… :confused:


Try Total Commander, with this App it’s working


Or Amaze


Total Commander is one of the (very few) proprietary apps I really miss since I forced myself to use FLOSS only.

Thx, will try hat.