Sea Drive "The Folder is Empty"

Hello - I was using Seadrive fine for about two weeks when suddenly all the files disappeared. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled but it does not allow me to re-do the installation/set up steps where you choose your Seafile server, login with username and password etc. Instead, when I click on the Seadrive app it says that “Seadrive client is already running” and I can do nothing further to fix the problem. I think that I need to re-do the set up steps etc to make it work properly again. Any idea how I can do this? Thanks!

[Edit: I am using a Lenovo PC with Windows 10]

Have you logged into the webui to make certain the files are still in the library? That’s the first thing to do.

As for reinstalling Seadrive, you’ll have to “quit” it first. Right click on the Seadrive icon in the task bar and click “Quit”. Then, go to the control panel and uninstall it. If you are wanting to start from scratch with it, then you may need to locate the accounts.db file in your users folder under Seadrive. Simply delete it. I don’t remember whether or not the uninstall routine gets rid of it or not.

And, Seadrive runs in the background and is started with Windows. So, when you click Seadrive icon, it will give you that error because it’s already running.