Sea file local ip vs remote IP

Hi. i was wondering if its possible to access my sea server running on my rasbperry pi 4 via my local ip address where the server resides on(192.168.x.x.x) and remotely when i am away from my home via (myRemoteDomain/remoteIp) automatically?

I want to be able to install sea file client and sync my files via my local ip when i am connected to the same network as my pi 4 and remotely when i am not connected to the same network.

This is so that i can obviously sync my stuff much faster when i am at home

This is the classic requirement.
You need to setup Dyndns to your external router IP. Implement nginx with certbot for proper certificate on raspberry. Then forward port 443 on your router to seafile.
Sounds easy, isn’t easy. At least the nginx and certificate Part ist hard, but it’s a nice project for a weekend and you can learn alot about encryption. The rest is easy.
There are tons of threads here just about these things and people like to help around this.
Get started with the Manual and then ask specific questions when you get stuck

Ok i roughly know what dydns is, its basically a local DNS that runs on my network where i can resolve custom names like instead of

I have no clue what nginx is or certbot?

did you manage to get Nginx and Certbot running?

Nope I’m using apache. Not installed a ssl cert yet

Ok then I’m out, don’t know how Apache has to be configured