SeaDrive 0.8.4 not updating and broken

Windows Client
I was using SeaDrive 0.8.2 (if I’m not mistaken), and received notification to update to 0.8.3.
After several failed attempts, I gave up to update automatically.

Some time after this I decided to update manually and SeaDrive 0.8.4 was already released.
I downloaded it and tried to install with no success.
Uninstalled the 0.8.2 and tried to install 0.8.4, no success again.
Removed SeaDrive folder from Program Files folder, removed broken registry entries (using an automatic tool) and tried to install 0.8.4 again, after rebooting.

At the moment it concludes the install, asks to reboot and after the reboot it doesn’t runs.
When checking for the SeaDrive folder in Program Files it doesn’t exists.

What could I do to have SeaDrive running again?