SeaDrive 0.9.2 installer - please do not force reboot without asking user

It’s really annoying and bad practice for the SeaDrive 0.9.2 installer to force a reboot (or log user out and log back in or whatever it does) during install WITHOUT ASKING THE USER TO CONFIRM. Please at the very least, follow good user interface practice by asking for user confirmation first, thus allowing the user to save any work prior to the forced reboot.

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This must be new behavior. The last version of SeaDrive I installed was 089 and it didn’t reboot or request a reboot. In fact, after installation, I could not get SeaDrive to work at all. Then, I rebooted, and it started working.

So, my complaint was that SeaDrive did not inform me that a reboot was required after installation, nor did it do one.

Not sure if it’s new behavior because my circumstances when installing version 0.9.2 were different to how I installed 0.8.9, because when I installed 0.9.2, SeaDrive had a requirement to uninstall 0.8.9 first. When I installed 0.8.9 last year, there were no previous versions to uninstall. What I suspect was happening was that after SeaDrive uninstalledthe previous version, my PC restarted and SeaDrive continued with installation after the restart. This occurred on 2 other machines too (which also had 0.8.9 previously installed). Although I only lost a small amount of work, it is still extremely irritating for this to happen.

Yeah, 089 also had a requirement to uninstall the previous version (Don’t remember which version I was on previously), which I did. But, upon installing 089, it acted as if everything was ok… I banged my head against the wall when it dawned on me how SeaDrive works. I rebooted and it worked. I felt like a fool. :wink:

Some of previous version (maybe 0.7.0, don’t remember), did force restart without asking too.

Hmmm… I think I started using SeaDrive around 042 or so… Had that installed for a long while before upgrading it to 089. Unfortunately, I don’t remember how 042 handled it. Either way, though, there needs to be some resolution one way or the other. Hopefully, the devs have it on their list of things to fix in a near future version. :wink:

By the way… I’m moving this to a the feature request category


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