Seadrive 0.9.4 crash on Mac


On my Mac Seadrive 0.9.4 crash on start.

When launch Italie appear dialog with message indicate message Seadrive close .


Which version of macOS are you running? Is FUSE installed and updated?

What is the error message you are getting?

Were you running a previous version of SeaDrive?



I’m using Mac Os 10.13.6

the 0.9.3 works …

I reinstall FUSE and delete the 0.9.3 to install 0.9.4 again and it works…

I upgraded to SeaDrive 0.9.4 from 0.9.3. The internal updater didn’t work, so I had to download it manually and replace the .app.

When launching the new version, SeaDrive showed the error “SeaDrive exited unexpectedly” and quit.

After rebooting my Mac, SeaDrive again worked as expected. I didn’t have to reinstall FUSE or change anything else.

macOS 10.13.6 here, too.