Seadrive 1.0.8 for Fedora

Can someone please post a link to Seadrive 1.0.8 until the 2.x version for Fedora is released? I have tried 2.0.2 version on Fedora 32, but it doesn’t seem to work. Until it is officially supported, I would like to go back to 1.0.8.


you use gnome 3?

Yes I am

i have the same problem you can try(if possibile) to use another desktop graphical enviroment i have tested on cinnamon and it works…
i prefer gnome but not show the client-.-

Thanks @wolf001, but I really have no desire to change my UI :slight_smile:

BTW, do you get the same error in GNOME as I do?

The seadrive-gui.log shows the following:

[07/03/2020 09:05:38 AM] loaded 1 accounts
[07/03/2020 09:05:38 AM] starting applet rpc service
[07/03/2020 09:05:38 AM] socket file exists, delete it anyway
[07/03/2020 09:05:38 AM] applet rpc service started
[07/03/2020 09:05:38 AM] seadrive gui started
[07/03/2020 09:05:38 AM] starting seadrive daemon: seadrive "-d" "/home/user/.seadrive/data" "-l" "/home/user/.seadrive/logs/seadrive.log" "-f" "/home/user/SeaDrive"
[07/03/2020 09:05:38 AM] Seadrive daemon process exited normally with code 127 
[07/03/2020 09:05:43 AM] Trying to restart seadrive daemon
[07/03/2020 09:05:43 AM] starting seadrive daemon: seadrive "-d" "/home/user/.seadrive/data" "-l" "/home/user/.seadrive/logs/seadrive.log" "-f" "/home/bob/SeaDrive"
[07/03/2020 09:05:43 AM] Seadrive daemon process exited normally with code 127 
[07/03/2020 09:05:43 AM] reaching max tries of restarting seadrive daemon, aborting
[07/03/2020 09:05:43 AM] Exiting with error: SeaDrive exited unexpectedly
[07/03/2020 09:06:09 AM] SeaDrive exited unexpectedly
[07/03/2020 09:06:09 AM] app event loop exited with 1

[07/03/2020 09:06:09 AM] Not unmounting because rpc client not ready.
[07/03/2020 09:06:09 AM] [Daemon Mgr] stopping seadrive daemon

Would be nice if someone from Seafile chimed in on this and could at least provide the 1.0.8 packages…


Do you have an extension to handle trayicons / appicon?

I did have gnome-shell-extension-appindicator to use with seadrive but did remove it to try to troubleshoot this issue…but to no avail.

I’m using Fedora 32 with Openbox and it won’t work either. I used the Fedora Server Installer and selected Windows Managers, rather than a GUI desktop (I don’t much like Gnome).

I can’t see my file in fedora gnome3 with seadrive…

That works for me in Fedora 32.

I had to switch at some point to AppIndicator and KStatusNotifierItem Support

Working for me on Fedora 32 with Gnome as the interface.

thank you it works in Fedora 33!