SeaDrive 2.0.19, Window 10 : Confusing when many servers are declared


I recently install SeaDrive 2.0.19 on few Win10 computers, 5/6 users are testing it, here are the comments :

  • Options to generate share links with password or auto expiration is not available for folders.

In my environment, we have to work on more than one seafile server, SeaDrive 2.0.19 shows a drive icon for each server declared on seadrive, this generates many problems for users :

  • All seadrive icon have the same name follow by the username (only the part before the @), so if I use the same mail on many servers, all servers have the same name. As icons already says that it’s a seafile drive, you should use something with name and server name to easily identify connections.
  • There is no visual indicator to quickly check the current active account.
  • When connected to server A, the content of server B is only available if sync, trying to open a non-sync content on server B generate an error that is not understandable for users.

Have you planned something to make thing more comfortable ?

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Currently no plan to add this feature.

We’ll consider improving these aspects.

Merci beaucoup !