Seadrive 2.0.4 "Free Up Space" not removing file locally


I have an issue with Seadrive where I cannot get files to be deleted. Here’s what the sync status looks like when it is “Always Keep On This Device”:

Here’s what it looks like when I hit free up space:

I thought it was supposed to be a cloud icon? This has been going on for a few days and the only fix I have found is that after I upload/change my files, I must uninstall seadrive, delete the entire seadrive_root directory, and reinstall seadrive to return back to the “All in the cloud” setup. Any help would be appreciated.

After some further investigation, SeaDrive is doing some very strange things… Hitting Free Up Space seems to remove the file, but watching the “Transfer Progress” window, it is automatically downloaded again. I’ve uninstalled SeaDrive for now, as I won’t be able to use it like it is, hopefully in a future update this will be fixed.

Hi SpencerXZX,

you commented on my experience with SeaDrive 2.0.4, let me comment on yours: The behavior you observed is definitely not what what I observed and I did a lot of “always keep on this device” and “free up space”-ing tonight.

Can you try the following:

  • Uninstall SeaDrive 2.0.4
  • Remove the seadrive_root in %userprofile% in its entirety
  • Remove all keys with “seadrive” in HKEY_ROOT\CLSID and HKEY_ROOT\WOW6432Node\CLSID

When I began testing, I also encountered some weird problems with SeaDrive 2.0.4. All of those disappeared after this cleaning procedure. I guess SeaDrive 2.0.4 got a little confused with all the previous versions. I think I had every version of SeaDrive on this machine and many versions were installed multiple times.

I will test with a fresh machine tomorrow or in the coming days.

Thanks rdb,

I followed your instructions, and at first it didn’t work. When reinstalling SeaDrive I got a bunch of errors saying “You don’t have permission to Library: xxLibraryName”, but I did it one more time and got it to install without errors. I then tested the “Always Keep on this device” and “Free up space” buttons again, and got the same results as in this thread above. I then opened up my screen recording software and was going to put together a quick youtube video demonstrating the problem, however now I’m unable to reproduce it and SeaDrive is working as it should. Not sure what exactly happened, and the logs don’t show anything unusual, but I am just glad it is working, so thank you!

@rdb @SpencerXZX I second rdb’s comments. Actually you only have to delete the local account and login again. It usually clears up the state left by older versions.

Hi @rdb & @Jonathan, I am back to having this issue again. I believe it has to do with another issue I am having where ccnet server will crash, giving me errors in SeaDrive such as this:

[07/19/20 11:10:18] Bad response code for GET 500

The error above can be resolved by restarting the seafile server, however the sync state problem remains afterwards and no matter what I do I can’t get the “Free up space” button to work.

When deleting local account and logging in again, I always get permission errors when Seadrive fetches files for first time:

[07/19/20 11:27:16] Bad response code for GET 403.
[07/19/20 11:27:16] Download permission denied for repo d51c0c29 on server

This forces me to restart seafile server, uninstall seadrive, delete registry values and any seadrive folder I can find. Once I reinstall, I am good for a little while (a few days), until ccnet crashes again for whatever reason and I have to do the whole process over again.

Seems as though I’ve really broken it now. I can’t get one of my libraries to sync at all, can’t get rid of the permissions errors. I have access to it via web UI but not SeaDrive.