SeaDrive 2.0.6 is available!

  • [Win] Remove invalid characters from sync root folder name
  • [Win] Increase request timeout for rename library, delete library, create library, move folders
  • [Win] Avoid creating redundant sync root folders on restart
  • [Win] Support pre-configuration registry keys
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Cool, will try now

after upgrade from SeaDrive 2.0.5
Get a File Sync Errors.
After I exit Seadrive app and delete seadrive_root and seadrive folder, then login again,
it get right without problem.

Don’t know the root cause, but when it happens I have to
exit Seadrive app and delete seadrive_root and seadrive folder, then login again.

If this happens again, you should share your log files here.

Hi Jonathan,

SeaDrive 2.0.6 is great! From my point of view, 2.0.6 is the first SeaDrive 2.0.x version that can be recommended to the large majority of users. It is stable, works well - and fast - and the critical bugs present in version 2.0.5 have been fixed (network timeout issue when moving files in a library and file system conflict when there was dot at the end of a personal folder name). The few remaining bugs are in places where only few users will encounter them.

Bugs? Yes, there are some! In fact, I found two:

Bug 1: Files can be pasted/created directly in the category folders “My Libraries”, “Shared with me”, “Shared with group” - this should not be possible

  • When pasting/creating a file in “My Libraries”, the files are uploaded. In Seahub, these files are treated like folders. When clicking on the files, they open like a library/a directory.
  • When pasting/creating a file in a “Shared with …” folder, the files end up in a “sync pending” state. They do not get synced to the server, nor is there a clear error message.

The first screenshot illustrates the situation for My Libraries, the second one for Shared with me.

Related, but not identical is the behavior when it comes to read-only libraries: Files can be pasted in read-only libraries, everything seems to be ok, but the files end up in a permanent “sync pending” state and no clear error message is shown.

Bug 2: Libraries shared read-only with a group are not shown under the group

The screenshot shows that I use the same user (‘Ralf Dyllick-Brenzinger’) to access the group departments via Seahub and SeaDrive. In Seahub, the library “my-library-shared-read-only-to-my-group” is listed under the group. In SeaDrive, it does not appear in the “Shared with groups”. (I waited several minutes and refresed Windows Explorer.)

Neither bug is critical. But the first one makes SeaDrive look immature and I can picture scenarios in which data loss results: The user expects SeaDrive to upload data which then does not happen. The second bug I don’t really understand. I cannot remember having ever come across a similar problem with Seafile

Finally, if I may ask, I also want to present my a wishlist for SeaDrive’s further development (in descending order of priority):

  1. Context menu options to create links (sharing links as well as internal links)
  2. Settings option to disable the category folders (I think the “shared with all” folder is little loved by many users)
  3. Clear attribution of SeaDrive nodes in the Windows Explorer navigation to logged in users (when two users have provided their credentials, there are two nodes in the navigation bar. It is not clear which one belongs to whom.)
  4. Improved transfer progress window (the existing one lacks a time column, size adjustable columns and it would also be nice for the data to be stored for a to-be-specified number of days)

Last remark: The manual states here and here that libraries cannot be deleted via SeaDrive. In SeaDrive 1.0, they cannot. In SeaDrive 2.0, they can. (Just as much as libararies can be created via SeaDrive 2.0.)


It’s not possible to disallow creation or deletion of folders/files under the virtual drive. They’re normal files and folders in the Windows file system. We can add some notifications when we detect such behaviors.

We have plan to add this back in future version. But the application has to be installed from Windows Store. We can provide two versions: one MSI package for offline installation, one from Windows Store. We’re still in early stage of this work, so not 100% sure it can work.

We’ll add this to the plan if more users request this feature.

This is a good suggestion.

We’ll add this to the plan.


If you cannot prevent files from being created/pasted into the virtual drive, notifications sound good.

Sounds promising!

I know of three :wink:

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As far as I know, OneDrive can show thumbnails on images (and even videos I think) before caching/downloading them. How likely is it that this will be possible in SeaDrive as well?

This is planed for the longer term. It will require some time to implement it. We’ll first work on context menu extensions.