SeaDrive 2 for macOS

Hey folks,

I’ve noticed there have been new releases of SeaDrive 2 for testing both here and on GitHub, but I haven’t seen any macOS releases. I was looking to try the encryption support, so I’m wondering - will SeaDrive 2 be released for other platforms as well? Thanks!

Hi Numline1,

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You find an answer to your question in the post by Jonathan Xu, Seafile’s CTO: SeaDrive 2.0.1 is ready for testing

Just on a sidenote: It is customary to search the forum before asking questions. So you avoid asking questions that have already been answered.

hi @rdb, thanks for getting back. I must’ve missed that post, sorry :slight_smile:

SeaDrive 2.0 for MacOS should be available in a few days.

Please as solved.

Here you go: SeaDrive 2.0.2 is ready!