Seadrive 2: Force Resync of one Librarie posible?

I’m using Seadrive 1.0.12 at home, did a ton of changes in a folder. At work i’m using 2.0.6 and the folder won’t update. I still see folders who i moved (New folder are there, just some moved are still not disappeared)

What i did:

  • Work PC - Complete shutdown on Friday
  • Home PC - Saturday i created around 30 Folders, filled them with files and then moved them to another sub folder in the same Library.
  • (Seafile Server: has the same status as HomePC, all folders are the same)
  • Work PC - Today i start my PC and some of the folders i moved Saturday are in the first folder

And yes, the files/folders are gone. I can’t open files in the moved folders.

The Seadrive Log shows this:
[10/05/20 08:13:43] Failed to rename C:\Users\firstname.lastname\seadrive_root\Andre/Meine Bibliotheken/Path/Folder to C:\Users\firstname.lastname\seadrive_root\Andre/Another-Path/Folder: Permission denied

The strange thing is, my work PC was Shutdown completely while i created the folder and moved it. So i don’t understand why he creates it in the first place.

Can i force a resync of this one librarie without resync everything?


It’s not possible to do so. Currently there is no interface to trigger such operation. You have to logout the account and login again.

The rename failure may be caused by some files under the folder is opened. Somehow the client fails to detect that before the move operation was executed. Normally this should be detected.