Seadrive 2.x slow Download, but great Upload. Seadrive 1.x is consistently fast

I looked in the forum but can’t find an answer to my problem.

Seadrive 2.x will give me an upload speed of about 99 MBps, saturating my 1 Gbps hardline. However, it will not download/sync a file faster than about 20 MBps. I have tested the client on 2 separate Windows 10 machines that were hard-lined to the same switch (everything goes through the same switch). I noticed this problem at least 6 months ago, and just switched to the 1.x client, and only recently revisited the issue.

Seadrive 1.x will give me an upload and download of about 70-80 MBps.

I’d like to take advantage of the 2.x client. However, I’m unsure what I need to do to make it work correctly. Can anyone here help me?

We’ll have a look at the issue.