Seadrive 3.0 Beta

I’m currently running the 3.0 version of Seadrive and I noticed something that I hope someone can shed some light on. So with the previous version (2.x) we had a directory style mount, which is traversable via the filesystem. I wrote python to do things with the objects I stored within seafile. I was able to do things as well, to run analysis against documents I was storing within seafile. Now, with 3.x implementation, that appears to be gone, We have some kind of link in the sidebar - but I cannot seem to find where that is now traversable from. So any kind of finder replacement has stopped working – I use a couple different tools which no longer work… and also all my custom software I was using to access the files via the seadrive mount is broken. I had written to the assumption, that was exposed as a filesystem. I’m hoping the location has moved.
Can someone shed some info on this perhaps?
Thank You!

FWI - if anyone else is looking for the answer on this - they are mounted in: /Users/<your_user_name>//Library/CloudStorage/

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