SeaDrive and encrypted libraries support


I would like to use Seafile in a current project of building a corporate file cloud service for a multinational company.
But the project requires the support of encrypted libraries via the SeaDrive client (Windows).

Do you have an approximate schedule until the SeaDrive supports encrypted libraries?

Thank you!

We plan to add encrypted libraries support in September.


Sounds good!

Now I’m a bit curious and would like to know some more details :slight_smile:

Are the users prompted to enter the password every time they access an encrypted library or must the password be pre-stored in the client’s configuration?

Is it possible to access multiple encrypted libraries with only one SeaDrive client instance?

Does SeaDrive client decrypt and encrypt file contents locally?

Thank you!

For clients with GUI, the users should be prompted for password when they access the encrypted library for the first time. Then the client will remember the encryption token locally. We still need to figure out the best way to ask for password in CLI clients.

Yes.[quote=“hackfix, post:3, topic:3163”]
Does SeaDrive client decrypt and encrypt file contents locally?


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Is there any beta or alpha version available? That would help me a lot to build a proof of concept.

Thank you!

We don’t have beta or alpha version yet.

Are there any news in this case?

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We don’t have time to implement the feature yet. It has to be delayed to the next quarter.

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Any exact date regarding this?

No. See SeaDrive is not production ready

After it turned out that there are still too many edge conditions that aren’t handled well it has been postponed until it is stable for unencrypted libraries.

Hi ! I’m also interested in this feature. Any news / ETA available ? Thanks !

I’m sorry no ETA for this feature yet.

Any updates yet?

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Are there any steps forward this feature?

+1 - It’s very important to have this feature, otherwise users can not really use it.

hello pleas say can i do it??

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Any update on this?

This feature will be included in SeaDrive 2.0 version.

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Hi @Jonathan

Is it possible to use the SeaDrive CLI client with encrypted libraries? I was not able to find any information.

It’s not supported right now.