SeaDrive and MSOffice Issues

Hi all,

recently we installed a seafile pro server , version 6.1.8 on a a Debian 9 linux server.

What we need is to have our employees to use the SeaDrive service as shared drive where they can collaborate on MSOffice files.

Unfortunately on testing phase we saw that most probably for synchronisation delay, when a user opens an MSOffice file ( ex Word docx file ) the file it is not immediately locked on the other user’s SeaDrive. In this period if I look at that file on my SeaDrive I can see it as free ( green dot ) and not busy o open by another user ( red dot ). So I can open it in R/W mode causing the creation of a Conflict File.
Instead, if I look for the ( just ) open file on the Web interface I immediately see the file busy as soon as the other user opens it.

Did someone have the same behaviour ?
Is there a setting under the server config files or in another place to speed up the seafile sync as soon as the files o r folder changes ?

Thanks in advance !

I think the locks are synchronized every X seconds.

Maybe it is affected by the following new setting in (@daniel.pan is it?). If so you could lower the intervall to reduce the time until the lock is known for all clients.

# Interval for browser requests unread notifications
# Since PRO 6.1.4 or CE 6.1.2

For the best behaviour a push implementation would be required which currently does not exist.

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Many thanks @shoeper ,
As soon as possible we will test your suggestions .

Do you know ( @daniel.pan ) if, maybe in roadmap, there is a push implementation scheduled ?

thanks .