Seadrive automatically downloads files?


I thought Seadrive is just a cache, and only downloads a file when I am opening that file. But from the latest version 0.9.5 for Mac (it’s reported as 0.9.4 actually), it looks like that all files are downloaded automatically, taking space on my computer disk.

I had 0.8.7 running before. Just upgraded to 0.9.5 today, and notice this. Anyone else seeing this?


If anything tries to access the file it is being downloaded. This can be a search, a software, finder, …


No, I didn’t do any search, finder is not opening. No software accessing files. I notice that because the SeaDrive icon is spinning, and the notifications that xxxx file is downloading.

That’s strange and that’s why I am asking.


There could also be a background service creating a search index.


I doubt that. As mentioned, it’s not happening before. I just upgraded from 0.8.7 to 0.9.5, then notice this.


It’s likely that some background process is indexing the files. One change since 0.9.4 is that the virtual drive is mounted as “local”. There may trigger different behavior on your system.


yes, it can be possible with the Linksys tech support extension enable, As, by the enabled option, you can allow automatically to download in an automatic way, Which is really very useful to get updated with the new one.


Then it is not good, because of downloading, it makes my disk being full. I already disabled Spotlight index for Seadrive, but it keeps downloading files.

What else can I check?


You can use ‘lsof +D ~/SeaDrive’ to check what process is opening files. We could add an option to not mount the drive as local.