SeaDrive Autostart Ubuntu 17.04

Hi Guys, how can I get SeaDrive running when starting up Ubuntu?
Is there any way to do that or isn’t it possible on that stage


there is a init.d-script (somewhere i found it with help of the manual) that need to be linked to one if the rc.d directories.

I think you are talking about client side?
You just need to know which terminal command starts the seadrive client. It should be something like ‘seadrive-gui’ but I am not quite sure. After you have figured out which is the correct command, you have to go to the Ubuntu menu by typing the Super key. Now search for something like ‘Startup’. Again, I am not quite sure how it is called because I don’t use english locales.
That program manages programs which run on startup. You can add the Seadrive client there. Just type in a shortcut name and the terminal command from above.

Most of apps like SeaDrive have “Autostart” option in settings, will be good to add same option for SeaDrive-GUI linux app to!