Seadrive client cache size limit doesn't work?

Windows 10 Pro 21H1, Seadrive client 2.0.21.

I set a limit in advanced settings.

I had to copy a lot of files from a directory to an other, the total size of the files (250GB) exceeded the cache size limit (200 GB). The copy was done by a simple script. The client cache size just grow beyond the limit, actually leaving 0 bytes free on the local drive where the cache is located, and the copy failed.

Did I miss something or it is a bug? I thought cache would empty old files during downloading new ones to keep the cache within the set limit, but this was not the case.


The cache is cleaned only regularly. So it’s possible that the actual cache size exceed the limit. It’s not by design to really restrict the usable space by the virtual drive.

Thanks for the answer Jonathan. That makes sense.