SeaDrive client non-operational on macOS Monterey (12 Beta 1)

Hello there,

As I like to live dangerously, I installed the Developer Seed beta of macOS 12 (Monterey) on my M1 MacBook Pro today and it seems that the SeaDrive client is non-operational (it’s ‘the cannot initialize kernel module error’) notwithstanding that:

  • I enabled System Extensions in the bootloader as required by the M1 macs on a new install;
  • I rebooted and enabled the kernel extension; and two reboots later it only says the above-noted error.

It sucks, but it’s pretty expected with pre-release software. I just want to give a heads up who may want to try the new beta.

macOS Monterey is final as of today. Seadrive, however, is not compatible yet. German error message:

“Initialisieren nicht möglich: Der Kerneltreiber konnte nicht installiert werden”

I have same problem on Monterey 12.01. Any solution have been found?

Same problem here on launching SeaDrive with Monterey 12.0.1 on Intel hardware. “Failed to initialize: failed to install kernel driver”

Same here. Clean install of both Monterey 12.01 and SeaDrive 2.0.17.

Please read the release information here and check the official compatability table here before posting.

@rdb I was just trying to report the issue with SeaDrive and the newly released version of MacOS. The compatibility table for SeaDrive doesn’t mention any of the 11.x point releases, I wasn’t sure if it was up to date.

@rdb Even besides what @russ is posting. What is the use of referring to a static table and expect users not to post a question? it would be appreciated to have an idea on the roadmap/development on this issue. Monterey has been in public beta for quite some time.

To make seadrive work in Monterey, you just need to replace the macfuse.fs with a compatible one and then approve the extension. As guide example:

cd /tmp
git clone
sudo cp -a seadrive-gui/third_party/macfuse.fs /Applications/

Then open seadrive, follow approval instructions and restart.

…or just wait for 2.0.18

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SeaDrive 2.0.18 seems to have fixed this. Woo!

This was sorted month or more ago; the solution they employ is continued pain and suffering of users. I have a thread that details what’s going on. They have yet to fix the root cause; anyone like the original poster will be back with more issues.