Seadrive Client version 2.0.16 give error Failed to initialize: failed to install kernel driver on Mac

I just update the Seadrive Client on my Mac OS 11.5.2 machine and now am getting the error: Failed to initialize: failed to install kernel driver.

I used to be able to close the window and reopen it and it would work but it’s not opening at all now.

I just updated macOS and SeaDrive and it seems to be working.

Initially I was running macFUSE 4.0.4 and then updated that to 4.0.12. After setting permissions for the updated extension and rebooting a couple times, as prompted by the OS, SeaDrive mounted and seems to be fine.

Have you checked macFUSE?

I hadn’t updated MacFUSE and at least on this computer didn’t remember ever installing it. But that seemed to do the trick.

There’s been problems with seadrive on OSX for sometime now. And if you are using other things that depend on it, it’s really chaos. I have dependency on Cryptomator, and it requires a later version than 4.0.4 – and drive will work with later versions … BUT - randomly this will change, and it will reinstall macfuse without being prompted - and then things will begin to fail. It didn’t work for sometime with Monterey - but then I think 2.0.15 fixed that - but it’s broken tonight; checking I saw this - but then noticed tonight 2.0.16 was released, so trying that.