Seadrive CPU usage


i noticed that seadrive (0.4.1) with Pro 6.02 can be very CPU consuming on some middle-range Computers.

Is used it with a Win10 +I7 / 16G RAM Laptop with no specific problem, but i have some with a Win7 + I5 / 8Go RAM.
When i start Seadrive, no other app can be launched (ie Firefox), and the CPU usage is 60% more

See images :

Without Seadrive

With Seadrive

I can do more tests


It would be interesting to start the test again but this time without Kaspersky Endpoint Security. Maybe the high CPU usage is a result of the combination Kaspersky/Seadrive?

I think the problem is that Kaspersky is scanning the file in the drive, so the drive client gets busy downloading/reading files.

Hi all,
You are right.
The problem occurs with Kaperksy and Symantec, but not with Avast.

If is disable Kaperksy protection, here is the CPU Graph (quite normal)

I tried to configure Kaperksy exclusions in 3 ways

  1. Endpoint Control > registry Key


  2. Endpoint Protection > applications > Seadrive

  3. Endpoint Protection > File path > Seadrive Letter

With no success.

Can you search for a solution to have Seadrive and Kapersky + Symantec working together ?
Is it possible not to totally exclude files from Seadrive (maybe only read protection can be disabled) ?
We do not have any antivirus on the server, considering that all computers are protected…


I found a solution for Kapersky. I will try Symantec the future.

If you want to use Seadrive and Kapersky in parallel, you can do the following

A. Disable Kapersky System Watcher (Not recommended)

B. Exclue Seadrive App and Network Letter from the analysis

Go there:

Add Network Letter S: as the seadrive defaults drive letter

Add Seadrive App


That would prevent Seadrive (Or kapersky, i don’t know) from consuming too much CPU.
But that would not prevent you from viruses from files shared in Seafile, which i think is a major security issue.

I hope you will find a more convenient way




We have the same problem in Clermont-Ferrand University.
Our corporate antivirus is Kaspersky EndPoint (version

Our tests confirm an interaction with the System Watcher.
But we don’t think this happen while scanning files in the drive.

The problem appear as soon as we launch seadrive for the first time without files / connexion on the server

Hi Jonathan

not sure…
the problem occurs even before connecting to seafile server without files…



How about using AntiVirus scan on the server side?

Our system admin woud prefer not to, because scanning 2To from virus on the server is also CPU consuming…
But if you don’t have any solution on the client, we will do.
And as we use pro version, we have theses options

Since Pro edition 6.0.0, a few more options are added to provide finer grained control for virus scan.

scan_size_limit = (size limit for files to be scanned)
scan_skip_ext = (a comma (‘,’) separated list of file extensions to be ignored)
threads = (number of concurrent threads for scan, one thread for one file, default to 4)


An interesting point to consider is a comparison with traditional windows network shares. If you let Kaspersky to scan the entire windows network share for virus, it would also consume a lot of CPU on every client computer. It’s also a waste of computing power to scan the same set of files on every client computer. So it would be sensible to scan for virus on the file server instead and exclude the network share in the client computers. I mean this virus scan issue is actually not unique to Seadrive.

Compared to the sync client, drive client is more similar to windows network share. Because the advantage of drive client is to let users download files in a on-demand manner, it would not make much sense to ask Kaspersky to scan for virus (and download all files). This is especially true when there are a lot of files on the server. A side note: the drive client will clean cached files regularly, so even if virus scanner triggers download of all files, old files will be cleaned up as more files are downloaded.

Hi Jonathan,

I also have two other drives letters (Samba Shares) but i do not see any exclusion parameter from Kapersky concernning these drives. I understand your argumentation, but I think there is something specific from Seadrive. Maybe, the cache system is a bit annoying for Kapersky scan process ?



Hi @gauburtin thanks for the information. We’ll have a look at it. Do you mean Kaspersky doesn’t scan network shares by default?

Hi @Jonathan,

Just to let you know : the default install protects network drives but the complete scan does not include them




We deployed today the last kaspersky Endpoint Version

It seems we dot not have any more CPU usage issue, thats a great improvment !

but we have a scan alerte each time a file is modfied :

Does anyone experiment same issues ?

What does the error mean?

The error means “processing error” at the top of the image
And “read error” at the bottom of the image

There is a problem reading an exel file

Hi Pierre,
I have the same version and with 0.9O seadrive, i still had CPU usage issues (and crashes)
But if i Start seadrive at first time with Kaspersky disabled, and re-enabled, no more CPU issues.
Did you noticed that ?