SeaDrive: creating conflicts with no apparent reasons and throws many errors

We have 3-4 Windows 10 clients running SeaDrive 2.0.8 and two libraries of 2 TB in total. Sync on demand is crucial to us since we work with a lot of documents that contain many links. Unfortunately we suffer from lots of conflict files for no apparent reason. We can for sure say that only a single person worked on the files in question. The log entries for the conflicts are very thin

Generating conflict file path/to/dir/containing/conflict/file/example (SFConflict 2020-12-17-13-11-22).indd in repo 123456-f34a-4327-99a7-5ebdfac3398b.

However, we find many more errors in the logs that are kind of worrying:

[12/17/20 15:58:36] Seadrive daemon process crashed with code -1073740940 
[12/17/20 15:58:37] failed to write to named pipe: The pipe is being closed.

[12/17/20 15:58:37] failed to send rpc call: No error
[12/17/20 15:58:37] failed to get upload progress: Transport Error

[12/17/20 15:58:37] failed to write to named pipe: The pipe is being closed.

And so forth…
Any ideas?

Please specify OS on which you run SeaDrive and file system.

I thought I did:

SeaDrive 2.0.8 runs on Windows 10 with NTFS filesystem.

Seafile server pro edition runs on Docker (the official images) on a Synology NAS with BTRFS filesystem.

@alh Can you upload everything under the logs folder to removed ?

How? I only seem to be able to download there… But can see logfiles of others?

I mean the folder C:\users\username\seadrive\logs

And I mean that I CANNOT upload anything to the link you provided me! It is a read-only share.

Hi @alh

Sorry for the wrong link. Here is the correct one:

@Jonathan I uploaded the logs of two users

Hello @alh ,can you confirm the version of your seadrive client? You can see it in the seadrive.log.It seems like this.

Or can you upload the seadrive.log and seadrive-gui.log in the upload link?I can only see the dump files.

Sorry, did upload the requested logs now. Clients are 2.0.8

OK, uploaded logs of 3 clients, all are 2.0.8

I asked them to upgrade to 2.0.10 now

All users are on 2.0.10 but the issues remain. I would really appreciate if we could make some progress here. We are a service provider and have quite a few customers that are looking for a solution. Seafile is our favourite but this issue is blocking.

Thanks to your logs, we found a possible cause of the crash. The conflict files should be caused by the crash too. We’ll fix it in 2.0.12 version. You can try it later.

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Wow, that is good news. Any idea on when we can expect the release?

@Jonathan can you define later please?

2.0.12 version will be released in this week. Hopefully it also contains a fix for the conflict issue.

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Hi Alex, please try this one:

Hello Ralf, thanks for the update. Will forward to the customer who is hopefully still willing to test…